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Special Needs

Castle Peak Hospital

Castle Peak Hospital (CPH) is a psychiatric hospital with about 1,100 beds. It provides general psychiatric admissions for the residents of NTW cluster. Forensic inpatient service is provided to the whole of Hong Kong.

The Child Development Centre

Established 35 years ago, the Child Development Centre at Matilda (CDC) is a non-profit charitable organization, partially subsidised by the Social Welfare Department.

Hong Kong Christian Service

Since 1952, Hong Kong Christian Service (HKCS) has been working towards a humane and just society. We provide the needy with suitable, professional and reliable quality services. We care for the disadvantaged and the neglected.

Hong Kong Cancer Fund

Hong Kong Cancer Fund is Hong Kong's largest cancer support organisation, providing free information and professional support to anyone living with or affected by cancer. Our goal is to make life better for people touched by cancer.

SAHK B.M. Kotewall Memorial School

(Chinese ONLY)


Caritas Lok Yi School

(Chinese ONLY)本校座落西灣河社區,是一所由政府資助,香港明愛承辦的特殊學校。專為 6 至 18 歲嚴重智障 (即智商在 25 以下) 兒童而設 (由教育局轉介)。為有特殊訓練需要的學生提供12年一貫教育、康樂及治療等綜合服務。


As a Hong Kong-based private medical group, Bamboos offers a wide range of medical and nursing care services, including clinical services, Chinese medicine services, medical staffing solutions, nursing care and auxiliary medical services.

Project Bridge for Children's Development

「心橋兒童發展計劃」是一項自負盈虧的服務計劃,目標是透過一站式專業服務, 為懷疑或已評估有輕微發展障礙的兒童及早提供訓練和治療。我們的訓練中心設於港九新界不同地區,以便為各家長及兒童提供服務。

1. 懷疑有發展障礙的孩子(例如說話發展/手眼協調/社交發展比同齡小朋友較慢等)
2. 正輪候兒童體能智力測驗中心評估的孩子
3. 已接受評估並證實有訓練需要的孩子
4. 就讀主流學校但有學習困難的孩子(例如社交溝通/認讀書寫/語言表達/動作協調障礙等)

Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China

The formation of the Church of Christ in China can be traced back to 1918 when the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in China called a meeting in Nanjing to look into the desirability of forming a union of churches.

Families of SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) Charitable Trust

Families of SMA Charitable Trust (FSMA) established in 1998 to provide
practical and emotional support to patients with Spinal Muscular Atrophy
(SMA) and their family members in order to facilitate proactive health


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