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Special Needs

Suen Mei Speech & Hearing Centre

(Chinese ONLY)中心接受兒科醫生 、 耳鼻喉醫生 、 健康院 、 兒童體能智力測驗中心及中央轉介系統的轉介

Adventure-Ship Limited

The Buddies Program, launched in 1996, aims to promote the social integration of people with and without disabilities through our training trips in which groups of volunteers accompany the participants with disabilities.

The Hong Kong Allergy Association

Allergies including asthma, rhinitis, eczema and food allergies are the most prevalent chronic diseases in Hong Kong. Severe allergic reaction can be life threatening, it also affects our daily life enormously.

Step Centre for Child Development

(Chinese ONLY)邁步兒童發展中心成立於2002年, 透過跨專業的團隊,包括 臨床心理學家、 言語治療師、職業治療師及資深特殊幼兒工作員,致力為兒童提供全面的專業評估、治療、教育及培訓工作。 直至2010年11月,本中心的團隊人數已超過40人。


Society of Boys' Centres Shing Tak Centre


Shatin Public School

(Chinese ONLY)本校秉承「樂育菁莪、有教無類」的辦學精神和宗旨,為有特殊教育需要的兒童提供一個以知識、技能和獨立為本的全人教育,用以協助他們達致個人的發展,使成為一個愛自己、愛家庭、愛國家及對社會有貢獻的良好公民。

Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service - Hong Kong

(Chinese ONLY)自1976年,本會社會服務在基層地區紮根,關懷弱勢社群需要。多年來,本會接近700位員工的團隊,透過以人為本的精神、與時並進的態度及靈活創新的手法回應長者、青少年、復康人士、幼兒及社區弱勢社群的需要,本會近年更發展不同的社會企業,以回應社會需要。主要服務區域包括:將軍澳、沙田、大埔、北區、天水圍、屯門、荃灣、葵涌等新市鎮區域。

Hong Chi Morninghill School, Tsui Lam

(Chinese ONLY)本校隸屬匡智會,前身是油塘晨崗學校,於1973年創校,為六歲至十八歲輕度智障的兒童提供教育服務。

Hong Kong Paralympic Committee & Association for the Physically Disabled

The Hong Kong Paralympic Committee & Sports Association for the Physically Disabled (HKPC&SAPD), previously named the Hong Kong Sports Association for the Physically Disabled (HKSAP), was established in 1972 under the leadership of our President Prof.

Cyber Resource Centre - Quality Education Fund

The QEF Cyber Resource Centre (QCRC) was established and launched in December 1999 with the following aims:


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