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Special Needs

Prince of Wales Hospital

The Prince of Wales Hospital in Shatin is a regional acute hospital serving New Territories East. We cover the largest geographical area amongst the seven clusters of the Hospital Authority.

Families of SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) Charitable Trust

Families of SMA Charitable Trust (FSMA) established in 1998 to provide
practical and emotional support to patients with Spinal Muscular Atrophy
(SMA) and their family members in order to facilitate proactive health


The Distinctive Learning Society sees each human being unique and special. Something that we do not understand or find “abnormal” may be that human intelligence have not understood with our limited available knowledge.

Child Assessment Service, Department of Health

Child Assessment Service came into operation with its first child assessment centre at Arran Street (ASCAC)[Note], Kowloon in 1977.

Hong Kong Ed City - Inclusion Pavillion

To provide information for SEN children and their parents as to help them to better understand their needs.

Speech Therapy Unit (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

The Speech Therapy Unit (STU) aims create a platform to serve education and research purposes through the provision of speech therapy services.

The Hong Kong Neuro-muscular Disease Association

Hong Kong Neuro-Muscular Disease Association is a self-help non-profit making charitable organization for people suffered from Neuro-muscular disease and their carers founded in 1998 under the society ordinance and Inland Revenue Ordinance.

Hong Kong Guide Dog Assoicaton

Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association is a non-governmental, charitable organization that promotes and provides professional guide dog services that are up to industry standards.

Po Leung Kuk Yu Lee Mo Fan Memorial School

In order to provide a whole person education for our intellectual disability students, our school adopts three teaching strategies including individualization, system approach and pragmatic teaching based on the characteristics of our students.

ST Nursing Services

(Chinese ONLY)
1. 日晉醫療中心母公司日晉護理服務公司於2004年成立,我們的醫療團隊包括醫生、中醫、脊醫、物理治療師、護士,為各非牟利機構提供多元化的醫療服務,當中包括預防疫苗注射,身體檢查,長者護理,手術後護理,產前產後護理等。

2. 2009年7月更成立了一間註冊非牟利慈善機會香港社區醫療網絡有限公司(註冊號碼: 91/10289)致力推動社區的預防醫學,提供一些免費的基層醫療服務給予長者和小朋友,回饋社會。



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