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Special Needs


As a Hong Kong-based private medical group, Bamboos offers a wide range of medical and nursing care services, including clinical services, Chinese medicine services, medical staffing solutions, nursing care and auxiliary medical services.

Hong Kong Association for the Promotion of Mental Health

(Chinese ONLY)
目標 – 推行預防工作,舉辦提生活質素的活動。
使命 – 推動開心文化,捉進香港人的精神健康,享受快樂人生。


The Distinctive Learning Society sees each human being unique and special. Something that we do not understand or find “abnormal” may be that human intelligence have not understood with our limited available knowledge.

The Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong

(Chinese ONLY)本中心於二零零一年十二月成立「兒童身心發展家長專線」,目的是為3-18歲兒童的家長提供有關兒童身心發展的知識,從而辨識可能的發展障礙,有需要時會為家長作出轉介及跟進。


Caritas Jockey Club Lok Yan School

(Chinese ONLY)為嚴重智障及多重弱能學童提供優質教育及訓練,減少學童對他人的依賴,使他們能融入社會生活。是全港首間附設於醫院的嚴重智障學童學校。


United Christian Hospital

United Christian Hospital is an acute general hospital that provides 24 hour accident and emergency service with a wide range of other services including in-patient, day-patient, out-patient and community care services to the population of East Kowloon.

Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service - Hong Kong

(Chinese ONLY)自1976年,本會社會服務在基層地區紮根,關懷弱勢社群需要。多年來,本會接近700位員工的團隊,透過以人為本的精神、與時並進的態度及靈活創新的手法回應長者、青少年、復康人士、幼兒及社區弱勢社群的需要,本會近年更發展不同的社會企業,以回應社會需要。主要服務區域包括:將軍澳、沙田、大埔、北區、天水圍、屯門、荃灣、葵涌等新市鎮區域。

Rehabilitation Alliance Hong Kong

Rehabilitation Alliance Hong Kong ( RAHK ) , which has been established since 1992 , is a non-subvented and charitable self-help organization. Our rationale is to co-ordinate all categories of people with disabilities to fight for "Full Participation and Equal Opportunity" in social affairs.

Hong Kong Red Cross John F. Kennedy Centre

Hong Kong Red Cross John F. Kennedy Centre (JFKC) operates 20 classes with a total capacity for 200 children with physically and multiple handicaps. There are 9 classes at primary level, 6 in junior secondary and 5 in senior secondary sector under the New Senior Secondary Curriculum.

Hong Kong Eating Disorders Association

Providing Psycho-Educational, Dietetic Consultation, Education and advocacy


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