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Special Needs

Hong Kong Dyslexia Association

The Dyslexia Association was established by parents and others interested in Dyslexia in September 1995.

The aims of the Association are to raise levels of dyslexia awareness and to provide assistance and support for all interested in dyslexia.

Wise & Potential Development Centre

(Chinese ONLY)維思潛能發展中心是一所專業訓練及治療中心,由余志文博士創辦及親自負責監控,服務對象包括嬰幼兒、兒童、青少年及成人。

Paraplegic and Quadraplegic Assn. Ltd.

(Chinese ONLY)本會是一個病人自助組織,由一群脊髓神經受損的病友成立。

本會的中文名稱取自英文名的諧音: "Paraplegic"指下肢癱瘓讀音接近「柏力」,"Quadraplegic"解作四肢癱瘓,讀音與「確志」接近。取名「柏力與確志」是為了鼓勵病友在面對困難的時候,做事更要充滿魄力,更要為自己確立志向。

Potential Resources Company


Support Services for Children with Special Educational Needs (The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon)

Lok Sin Tong has launched the program “Support Services for Children with Special Education Needs” since 2012. It aims at providing one-stop support service to children with SEN and their families; and promoting public education.

St. James Settlement - Rehabilitation Services

(Chinese ONLY)聖雅各福群會於1949年成立,是一所多元化服務機構,為社區內不同需要的人士,提供高質素的綜合服務,協助其自助助人,建立一個和諧社會。


MTR Corporation

The rail network comprises nine railway lines serving Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. In addition, a Light Rail network serves the local communities of Tuen Mun and Yuen Long in the New Territories while a fleet of buses provide convenient feeder services.

Springboard Project Ltd

The Springboard Project is a registered non-profit charitable organisation founded in 1994 to provide English speaking special educational services for children and young adults aged five and above with mild to moderate learning difficulties.

Society of Boys' Centres Shing Tak Centre


The Hong Kong Neuro-muscular Disease Association

Hong Kong Neuro-Muscular Disease Association is a self-help non-profit making charitable organization for people suffered from Neuro-muscular disease and their carers founded in 1998 under the society ordinance and Inland Revenue Ordinance.


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