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Special Needs

The Child Development Centre

Established 35 years ago, the Child Development Centre at Matilda (CDC) is a non-profit charitable organization, partially subsidised by the Social Welfare Department.

Hong Kong Association For AD/HD

(Chinese ONLY)一群有《專注力不足/過度活躍症》兒童的家長,為了喚起社會大眾對這些學童的認識和關注,及推動有關專業人士對《專注力不足/過度活躍症》作進一步的研究與探討,於2006年初開始聯絡各方籌辦家長會,經一年的努力,家長會終於2006年12月經政府註冊,以合法社團的名義正式成立。

Diamond Cab - Barrier-Free Taxi Service

Diamond Cab (HK) Co Ltd. is a brand new social venture providing point-to-point transportation service for the wheelchair users.


Autism Partnership, also known as “AP”, is a worldwide authority for the behavioral treatment of autism and one of the largest and most established service providers for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services.

Caritas Lok Yi School

(Chinese ONLY)本校座落西灣河社區,是一所由政府資助,香港明愛承辦的特殊學校。專為 6 至 18 歲嚴重智障 (即智商在 25 以下) 兒童而設 (由教育局轉介)。為有特殊訓練需要的學生提供12年一貫教育、康樂及治療等綜合服務。

SAHK Jockey Club Elaine Field School

(Chinese ONLY)本校是一間身體弱能特殊學校,為身體弱能或兼具多種弱能兒童提供小學至中學的免費教育學位。學校蒙香港賽馬會慈善信託基金捐贈校舍及全校設施,於 1 9 9 6 年 1 2 月由九龍秀茂坪遷校至現址,正式命名為香港痙攣協會賽馬會田綺玲學校。並在2008年4月隨辦學團體改名為香港耀能協會賽馬會田綺玲學校。本校是津貼學校,得教育局資助學校經費,並接受公益金及各界的捐助。

Siemens Professional Hearing Centres

Good listening is the core that assures us in communicating well with each other. Since 1878, Siemens has spent her great efforts in developing various innovative technologies and features to Siemens hearing instruments.

Hong Kong Association for Cleft Lip and Palate

Agonizing by the experience of helplessness and ignorance upon the birth of her cleft lip and palate baby that resulted in unnecessary sufferings to the baby and herself, and discovering it a great relief for the parents of the same fate to vent the grievous feelings as well as to exchange the te

HK Juvenile Care Centre Chan Nam Cheong Menorial School

(Chinese ONLY)香港青少年培育會創於一九四八年,當時稱「筲箕灣兒童營」。早年目的為貧苦無依流離失所及犯事兒童提供居所、扶養、教育及工藝訓練。本會位於中環舊址於一九五三年落成,並命名為「香港兒童安置所」,由港督葛亮洪爵士主持開幕禮。於一九九三年二月,本會中文名稱轉為「香港青少年培育會」,及於是年七月採用新會徽。當位於黃竹坑新會址落成後,本會院舍及特殊教育服務部於一九九四年二月下旬遷入新會址。

Families of SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) Charitable Trust

Families of SMA Charitable Trust (FSMA) established in 1998 to provide
practical and emotional support to patients with Spinal Muscular Atrophy
(SMA) and their family members in order to facilitate proactive health


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