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Special Needs

Society for the Welfare of Autistic Persons

(Chinese ONLY)本會由一群熱心的自閉症兒童家長於1982年所創立,為一政府註冊社團。本會深覺社會人士對自閉症有所誤解,而政府所提供之服務亦非常不足,故希望透過自發性之組織為自閉症人士謀求福利。除了家長外,亦有不少熱心人士主動參與為會員,協助推動會務.本會擁有獨立的會址,使會務更能順利推動。本會之順利發展,實有賴各界人士之支持。

Princess Margaret Hospital

Established in 1975, Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) is a major acute general hospital and the flagship hospital in the Kowloon West Cluster. There are 1,442 beds (including 256 beds at Lai King Building) and around 3,700 staff as at 31 March 2009.


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