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Special Needs

Chi Lin Buddhist Secondary School

Skills opportunity school

SAHK Jocky Club Marian Fang Conductive Education Centre

(Chinese ONLY)香港耀能協會按引導式教育的原則,發展了一套「全人」復康及教育的模式,除了在本會屬下之單位施行有良好成效外,並引起了其他機構對引導式教育系統產生莫大興趣。在香港賽馬會慈善信託基金慷慨撥款支持下,香港耀能協會賽馬會方心淑引導式教育中心於一九九四年成立,以滿足不斷遞增的培訓需要。中心透過臨床應用、教學和研究工作,推廣引導式教育,目的是使引導式教育的理念和原則在本土文化及環境中得以發揮,促進復康服務與特殊教育的發展。


Autism Partnership, also known as “AP”, is a worldwide authority for the behavioral treatment of autism and one of the largest and most established service providers for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services.

Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd.

KMB has a proud tradition of community service in support of the young, the elderly, the disabled and others in need, sponsoring events organised by the Government and charities, as well as encouraging staff to participate in a variety of voluntary activities.

Hong Kong Specific Learning Difficulties Research Team

(Chinese ONLY)在西方國家,估計大約有 5% 至10% 的學童被發現有讀寫障礙。根據香港教育當局所發表的有關數字,被評估為有讀寫障礙的學生近年有顯著上升的趨勢,但與外國及本地研究所發表的數據相比數字仍屬徧低。若公眾人士對讀寫障礙欠缺認識,有讀寫障礙的學童往往會被誤會為懶惰或智力較低。這些學童若得不到適當的輔導,他們日後在學習、情緒及行為上可能會有嚴重的問題,不但不利於個人的發展而且對社會整體的人力資源也會有不良的影響。

Asian Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness


Wai Ji Christian Service

Vision -
Wai Ji Christian Service strives for excellence and creativity in serving people with disabilities, promoting their well-being and enhancing their inclusion in society.

CREST Child Rehabilitation and Education Service Team

We provide Occupational Therapy Service for children with special needs.
Training Aspects:
-Sensory Integration/ Sensory Processing
-Handwriting ability
-Attention / Concentration
-Oral Motor Development
-Parent-child Attachment

Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong

It is my mission to promote arts among persons with disabilities (PWDs) – to enable them to have access to the arts, and to enable the talented artists among them to be nurtured so that their strength and achievements would be appreciated and properly rec

Against Child Abuse Association

To promote a caring and non-violent environment for the optimal growth and development of our children.


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