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馬來西亞公益短片 關注自閉症孩子

Autism is a disorder in the brain's data processing. Information entering through the senses is processed differently. Autistic persons have trouble turning details into a coherent whole. This takes more time and a lot of effort. What forms are there? How to recognize autism. This film contains tips and advice about how to deal to autistic persons.

Understanding the Hearing Impaired

Understanding the hearing impaired is the first step towards effectively interacting with these individuals.

Anatomy of the Ear and Hearing Loss

Take a look inside your ear, and you can actually see how hearing loss affects your body and brain. While conductive hearing loss may be able to be fixed by removing a blockage, sensorineural hearing loss can only be helped with a properly calibrated hearing aid.

Hearing Loss Example

This is an example of what various types of hearing loss sound like to the individual with the loss. I had been looking for something like this that would give me an idea of what my son's hearing loss is like (moderate). This is a great tool for parents looking to relate to their child's loss.

Ear Problems: Types of Hearing Loss

Learn about neuro-sensory hearing loss and mechanical hearing loss in this Howcast video about ear problems and types of hearing loss.

Adjusting to visual loss and blindness
What Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? | Child Psychology


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