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community support

Hong Kong Red Cross

The Hong Kong Red Cross Special Education Service started in 1954 with the establishment of the first Hospital School that aimed at providing educational service to the sick children, who receive t

Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth

To cater better for the needs of the physical disabled and provide more proper care, we expanded our service and introduced integrated respite service in October 2005.

Adventure-Ship Limited

The Buddies Program, launched in 1996, aims to promote the social integration of people with and without disabilities through our training trips in which groups of volunteers accompany the particip

Hong Kong Association for Cleft Lip and Palate

Agonizing by the experience of helplessness and ignorance upon the birth of her cleft lip and palate baby that resulted in unnecessary sufferings to the baby and herself, and discovering it a great

Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation

The Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation is a non-profit charitable organisation dedicated to eliminating the threat of breast cancer to the local community through education, support and research &a

Hong Kong Cancer Fund

Hong Kong Cancer Fund is Hong Kong's largest cancer support organisation, providing free information and professional support to anyone living with or affected by cancer.

Care for Your Heart

(Chinese ONLY)關心您的心由一群心臟病患者及家屬創立,並已註冊為非牟利慈善團體。旨在透過會友間互助互勉之精神,讓心臟病病友積極面對心臟病。於1998年本會成立全港首間心臟病友互助及資源中心,,致力為病友及市民大眾提供全面心臟健康及復康服務。

Hong Kong Pioneers Mutual Support Association Limited

(Chinese ONLY)香港創域會是由一群熱愛生命的癌症康復者及其家屬,聯同癌症基金會黃大仙癌協服務中心社工攜手組成的癌症病人自助組織,並正式註冊為非牟利慈善團體。


Paraplegic and Quadraplegic Assn. Ltd.

(Chinese ONLY)本會是一個病人自助組織,由一群脊髓神經受損的病友成立。

本會的中文名稱取自英文名的諧音: "Paraplegic"指下肢癱瘓讀音接近「柏力」,"Quadraplegic"解作四肢癱瘓,讀音與「確志」接近。取名「柏力與確志」是為了鼓勵病友在面對困難的時候,做事更要充滿魄力,更要為自己確立志向。

People of Fortitude Int'l Mutual-Aid Assn. for the Disabled Ltd.

(Chinese ONLY)本會為非牟利機構,服務障殘人士,以補社會資源之不足。 商業營運的模式,經營慈善事工。一方面聘請障殘人士工作,使其能自食其力;一方面籌劃慈善事工,為香港障殘人士謀更高的福祉。


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