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Intellectual Disability

The Hong Kong Joint Council for People with Disabilities

The Hong Kong Joint Council for People with Disabilities is the umbrella body of non-governmental organizations for and of persons with disabilities in Hong Kong.

Hong Chi Morninghill School, Tuen Mun

(Chinese ONLY)本校創辦於一九八五年,原名「湖景晨輝學校」,座落於屯門湖景邨湖碧樓地下。是一所兼收輕度及中度智障兒童的特殊學校,開校時只有七班,於一九八九年擴充至十四班。一九九一年, 本校搬遷至現址〔屯門育青里二號〕,按辦學團體計劃, 拆分為輕度智障及中度智障兩所獨立學校,本校專門收容輕度智障兒童, 改名為「屯門晨崗學校」,分為中、小學兩個部份。

Cyber Resource Centre - Quality Education Fund

The QEF Cyber Resource Centre (QCRC) was established and launched in December 1999 with the following aims:

Equal Opportunities Commission

The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) is a statutory body set up in 1996 to implement anti-discrimination legislation ("Legislation").

Special Education Resources Centre - Education Bureau

There are lots of multi-media facilities equipped in the Centre for the production of teaching materials by teachers.Besides, updated journals, magazines and books on special education as well as s

Hong Kong Education City Limited, the largest one-stop professional educational portal in Hong Kong, is operated by the Hong Kong Education City Limited.

The Parents' Association of Pre-school Handicapped Children

(Chinese ONLY)鑑於當時學前弱能兒童的服務嚴重不足,一群家長團結起來,在八六年五月組成了「學前弱能兒童家長關注組」,策劃一連串行動向政府反映服務需要。關注組更於八七年二月正式註冊成為社團,並命名為「學前弱能兒童家長會」。二零零一年二月,家長會轉為註冊有限公司,使會務更有系統,管理工作更趨完善。

The Intellectually Disabled Education and Advocacy League

IDEAL was formed by a group of people with mental disabilities, their parents and volunteers in 1989 and was registered as a charity organization in 1991.

The Hong Kong Joint Council of Parents of the Mentally Handicapped

(Chinese ONLY)香港弱智人士家長聯會為一智障人士家長自助組織,於1987年成立及註冊為免稅不牟利社團。八十年代初,智障成人服務嚴重短缺,數以千計的特殊學校畢業生滯留家中,荒廢所學;1986年,一群智障人士家長意識到要向政府反映及爭取,方能尋找子女的出路,於是組織起來,成立家長小組;至1987年正式成立「香港弱智人士家長聯會」,繼續關注智障人士服務及福利發展。


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