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Mental Illness


SNNHK is a networked community supporting families, caregivers and individuals involved with special needs in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Alliance for Rare Disease

Enhance understanding of rare diseases among patients, carers and their families; promote self-help and mutual support and positive attitude, towards leading a more fulfilling life.


Joyful@HK” is the territory-wide 3-year mental health promotion campaign, launched by the Department of Health in January 2016.

Against Child Abuse Association

To promote a caring and non-violent environment for the optimal growth and development of our children.

Zubin Foundation

The Zubin Foundation (TZF) is a non-profit think tank in Hong Kong. We focus on social issues in our city that do not receive the attention they deserve.

Baptist Oi Kwan Social Services

(Chinese ONLY) 浸信會愛羣社會服務處(於2010年之前稱為浸會愛羣社會服務處),於1982年成立,提供多元化社區服務。

Dance with Depression Association

(Chinese ONLY) 專為抑鬱症病人開設之定期支援小組。協會由一群資深的精神科醫生、家庭醫生、心理輔導博士、心理輔導員和社工等專業人員所組成,藉著推動支援抑鬱症患者的小組,鼓勵小組成員互相支持、適應生活、投入社群。

Special Education Resource Centre

A Resource Centre for special education workders was set up by Hong Kong Education Bureau to provide information and network on special education.

鷹君智樂遊戲家加+ (Chinese ONLY)

透過家長講座、精修班、齊玩同樂日、遊戲說明書、分享座談會及這個專屬網站,為家長增「加」知識、添「加」裝備兼加強經驗,旨在促成一「家」大大小小,開心遊戲,樂享無限附「+」 作用,+ 親子 + 歡樂 + 童真 + 全人成長 + 點子 + 回憶

Rehabilitation Advisory Committee

-to advise on the development and phased implementation of rehabilitation services in Hong Kong;
-to advise on the principles of subvention applicable to such services;


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