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Special Education Resource Centre

A Resource Centre for special education workders was set up by Hong Kong Education Bureau to provide information and network on special education.

樂農Happy Veggies

(Chinese ONLY)香港影視明星體育協會慈善基金(以下簡稱“扶老慈善基金”)參加民政事務總署推行之「伙伴倡自強」社區協作計劃。開設素食餐館,向市民大眾推廣健康及環保的飲食文化,同時聘用年長待業及聽障人士,透過實際工作,讓他們得到訓練,提供就業機會促使他們自力更生,融入社區。

Rehabilitation Advisory Committee

-to advise on the development and phased implementation of rehabilitation services in Hong Kong;
-to advise on the principles of subvention applicable to such services;

Hong Kong Ed City - Inclusion Pavillion

To provide information for SEN children and their parents as to help them to better understand their needs.


FindDoc is an innovative healthcare platform that allows general public to effectively search for medical practitioners.

The “Jockey Club Arts Accessibility Service Centre, Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong”

The Centre provides consultation, training, public education and arts accessibility services in order to establish a barrier-free arts environment and enhance the quality of lives for more people i

University of Hong Kong - Centre for Advancement in Inclusive and Special Education

The aim of centre is to advance research and services in special education and of providing an infra- structure to encourage synergies in carrying out research projects in the field of special educ

The Kids On the Block (KOB)

In 1977, ‘The Kids On the Block’ (KOB), an educational puppet troupe, was founded in the USA.

The Central Resources Centre - Education Bureau

The Central Resources Centre (CRC) aims to provide a wide range of educational resources and services to support learning and teaching as well as teachers' professional development in Hong Kong.

Hearing Impaired Support Network

(Chinese ONLY)
聽障青年支援網絡 (Hearing Impaired Support Network) 於二零一一年五月成立,由一群來自不同主流學校的聽障青年組成,旨在將來自不同主流學校的聽障青年凝聚在一起,透過不同的聚會和分享活動,互相認識,彼此支援大家所面對的困難,並從中建立深厚的友誼,在助人自助的生命中成長。


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