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Chun Tok School

The Initial Stage: Establishing a Full-time Special Education School for Hearing-impaired Students
Chun Tok School (Formerly named as Hong Kong School for the Deaf) was founded by three Christian missionaries (Ms. M. Pope, Ms. W. Griffin and Ms. Elliott) in 1935 and Ms. Li Luk Wa was our school principal. At the time of establishment, there were only 6 students. We made use of three University of Hong Kong female dormitory rooms, which were located at Babington Path, as classrooms. Later, more parents recognized that if the hearing-impaired students could study at the special school as soon as possible, they could communicate better by speech. As a result, the number of students increased constantly. Our school moved to its present location in Diamond Hill in 1948, offering both Primary and Secondary special education for hearing-impaired students. Similar to the mainstream schools, we adopt mainstream education curriculum.

Transitional Stage: Offering Enhanced Supportive Services
Primary and secondary Enhanced Supportive Services by our school were established in February of 1993 and September of 1998 respectively. By providing academic and language support and social adaptation counselling for hearing-impaired students in mainstream schools, we aim at consolidating their learning foundation, oral communication ability and social skills in order to enhance their learning effectiveness in mainstream schools. There are both an in-school service and outreach center located in the New Territories, providing services for the mainstreamed hearing-impaired students and their parents.

Expansion Stage: Providing Mainstream Education

Our school started enrolling Primary One mainstream students in September of 2004 and was renamed Chun Tok School. There are approximately 25 to 27 students in each mainstream class. Our school will continue to provide quality education, providing students of different abilities with a mainstream curriculum, providing a caring and attentive learning environment, and most importantly, providing an environment with respect as its core. At the same time, our school continuously provides the existing full-time secondary special education and Enhanced Supportive Service.

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