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Fund Information

Training Subsidy Programme for Children on the Waiting List of Subvented Pre-school Rehabilitation Services

Social Welfare Department

The Community Care Fund (CCF) launched a training subsidy programme (CCF Programme) in December 2011 to provide training subsidy for eligible children waitlisting for subvented pre-school rehabilitation services, i.e. Early Education and Training Centre, Integrated Programme for Disabled Children in Kindergarten -cum-Child Care Centre, Special Child Care Centre, Residential Special Child Care Centre services, for acquiring self-financing services run by Recognised Service Providers (RSPs) with a view to enabling children from low-income families and in need of rehabilitation services to receive necessary services as soon as possible so as to facilitate their learning and development while waiting for subvented services. In view of the positive evaluation outcome of the CCF Programme, SWD has regularised the CCF Programme with effect from 1 October 2014. SWD now invites eligible children to submit applications for the regularised “Training Subsidy Programme for Children on the Waiting List of Subvented Pre-school Rehabilitation Services”.

The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation

The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation

The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation is a Hong Kong based charity foundation with a strategic focus on early childhood literacy, library development and education enhancement. We support organizations for innovative, cost effective and high impact projects in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Ghana.

"We are with you" project

University of Hong Kong Cedars (Centre of Development and Resources for Students)

In 2012, the Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation donated $10M to The University of Hong Kong to implement the “We Are With You Project” (WAY). The WAY Project is a four-year community-based social capital development project in the Southern District. The objective of this project is to build a district-based community network to empower the community to accumulate social capital and improve social mobility. The project emphasizes on the mobilization and exchange of resources among different social groups in the Southern District to achieve mutual benefit. HKU students and staff will contribute to improve the condition of the less privileged and empower them to improve their own conditions in the long run. The ultimate goal is to develop a replicable model for social capital development, particularly with the involvement of staff and students of tertiary institutions. Application for 2014 should be sumbitted to on/before 13 April 2014

Community Participation Funding Programme

Hong Kong Equal Opportunities Commission

Applicants may choose from one of the following themes: 1.eliminating discrimination on the ground of race 2.eliminating discrimination on the ground of family status 3.promoting gender equality 4.promoting equal employment opportunities 5.other issues related to Hong Kong's anti-discrimination ordinances

Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowships/Scholarships for Disabled Students

Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Council

This fellowships / scholarships scheme aims at encouraging and assisting full-time disabled students pursuing postgraduate studies by research and/or undergraduate and diploma programmes at post-secondary and tertiary levels in Hong Kong.

Sir Edward Youde Memorial Awards for Disabled Students

Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Council

The Sir Edward Youde Memorial Awards for Disabled Students aim at encouraging disabled students at senior secondary, post-secondary and tertiary levels in their studies as well as enhancing the community's awareness of their achievements. The Awards will be granted by the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Council in recognition of the student's individual merits and academic achievements.

Sir Edward Youde Memorial Overseas Fellowship/Scholarship for Disabled Students

Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Council

The Sir Edward Youde Memorial Overseas Fellowship/Scholarship for disabled students aim at financing outstanding disabled Hong Kong students for overseas postgraduate or undergraduate studies. They are expected to contribute significantly to the development of Hong Kong after graduation.

T.M. Gregory Memorial Scholarship

The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf

The T. M. Gregory Memorial Scholarship of Hong Kong Society for the Deaf offers two kinds of scholarships: One for deaf individuals who intend to pursue post-secondary education and another for individuals who wish to pursue professional training in relation to the hearing impaired.

Simon K.Y. Lee & Lee Chi Hung Scholarship for the Hearing Impaired Students

The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf

The Simon K. Y. Lee & Lee Chi Hung Scholarship Fund offers an award of scholarship to the hearing impaired students for pursuing post-secondary education in Hong Kong

Shell/ Island JC Scholarship for the Disabled


Shell/ Island JC Scholarship for the Disabled was established in 1981, the International Year of Disabled Persons. Since its inception, the scholarship awards programme has been highly popular among schools, students and parents. Each year, 10 outstanding students are selected for the Outstanding Disabled Student Award. In 1993, the Best Progress Award was established to further motivate disabled students to achieve improvements. The Best Integrated Student Award was set up in 2001 to encourage disabled students who are studying in ordinary schools. In recognition of ordinary students who demonstrate notable effort in helping disabled students integrate into school life and significantly foster an integrated learning experience in schools, the Caring Integrated Student Award has been established in 2011 to further advocate integrated education. Today, the scholarship has become a special honour and a great encouragement to disabled students.

Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong

Make-A-Wish Foundation® International

Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong was founded in 1989, under the administration of Keswick Foundation. In 1998 it registered as a non-profit charity organisation in Hong Kong and became a member of the Make-A-Wish Foundation® International, which has its headquarters in USA. Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong was set up to grant wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions in Hong Kong and Macau*; to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. All applications made to the Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong require referrals from doctors. We also keep in contact with nurses, medical care professionals and social workers of various hospitals and healthcare organisations, so that they can recommend our service to those children and parents in need. For years, Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong has received tremendous support from different sectors of the society, which in turn has benefited many wish children and their families. Wishes range from the small, like a little toy, to the big, such as traveling abroad. Also popular are wishes for children to meet with their favourite idols. A lot of famous celebrities have helped us fulfill the wishes of the children by making time in their busy schedules. With the excitement of having their dream realised, many children became more joyful and are more optimistic in fighting their illnesses.

Patient and Family Activities

Children's Kidney Trust Fund

Apart from self-organizing activities, we also collaborate with interested parties in organizing activities for children kidney patients and their families. Please contact us for discussion on any opportunity of cooperation. Applications from individuals and related groups for financial subsidy on patients and family activities are welcomed. Written application is required, and report may have to be submitted afterwards as instructed in the letter of approval.

Child Development Fund

Labour and Welfare Bureau

The CDF seeks to provide the participating children with more personal development opportunities. Through formulating and implementing personal development plans, the CDF also seeks to encourage these children to develop an asset-building habit and to accumulate financial assets as well as non-financial assets (such as right attitudes and a proper mindset, personal resilience and capacities as well as social networks), as such assets are important for their future development.

Little Warrior Foundation

Little Warrior Foundation

The Little Warrior Foundation was formed in 2012 to accomplish two main objectives: 1) To use our talents and platform to glorify God to the best of our abilities, and 2) To continue the legacy of Mario Pierson Garza, the “Little Warrior” who went to heaven on November 4, 2011. LWF will continually search for missionary efforts here in the United States and internationally. email:

T.M. Gregory Memorial Scholarship

The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf

香港聾人福利促進會嘉格理紀念獎學金提供兩類獎學金,是為下列人士而設的: (一) 有志修讀專上教育課程的聽障人士 (二) 有志研習與聽障人士有關的專業訓練課程者

Simon K.Y. Lee & Lee Chi Hung Scholarship for the Hearing Impaired Students

The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf

The Simon K. Y. Lee & Lee Chi Hung Scholarship Fund offers an award of scholarship to the hearing impaired students for pursuing post-secondary education in Hong Kong commencing in the 1994-95 academic year.

YOT Chong Sok Un Medical Fund (cancer aid)

Yan Oi Tong

The Hospital Authority has enacted the Drug Formulary in 2005. Since then public hospital patients are required to acquire unlisted formularies at their own expense. Recent statistics shows over 10,000 new cancer cases have been diagnosed each year. Cancer has been the No. 1 killer disease among all. Lung and Colon Cancers seldom have visible signs and symptoms, which reduce the chance of early discovery. As a result, they are usually found in late stages when ordinary treatments have little to achieve. Doctors will have no choice but to recommend new drugs which does not have any subsidy. Tuen Mun Hospital's recent figures indicated an average of 2,000 new cancer cases were discovered each year. 800 of them required medication of which 100 patients needed financial aid. Other source of finding confirms Tuen Mun Hospital's patients are the least financial capable among all districts. Regarding for a lot of underprivileged cancer patients need help, Mr Yam Tak- cheung, MH, therefore proposed to set up a fund to assist the needy. Thanks to the major initial contributions made by the fund's namer Ms Shirley Chong Sok-un, MH, and Dr Chan Kwok-chiu, MH, JP, and donations accorded from members of the Yan Oi Tong Board of Directors, Advisory Board and the public, over ten million dollars were collected shortly. Without their prompt responds, the Fund might not be established in such a fast pace. Since the Fund has specialized service scope, in order to integrate all walk-of-life activities related to fund raising, investment and application vetting, the YOT Chong Sok Un Medical Fund (cancer aid) Company Limited was incorporated and registered as a non-profit organization on April 9, 2008.


Association for Engineering and Medical Volunteer Services

(Chinese ONLY)用免息貸款形式向殘疾人士供經濟援助,藉以協助他們過獨立生活,並提高其個人生活質素。

Community Care Fund

Community Care Fund

The Community Care Fund (CCF) is established as a trust fund under the Secretary for Home Affairs Incorporation Ordinance (Cap. 1044) with the Secretary for Home Affairs Incorporated as its trustee. Its main objective is to provide assistance to people facing economic difficulties, in particular those who fall outside the social safety net or those within the net but have special circumstances that are not covered. In addition, the CCF can take forward measures on a pilot basis to help the Government identify those that can be considered for incorporation into the Government's regular assistance and service programmes.



WiseGiving is an initiative of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service launched in late 2007. It aims to enhance charity accountability and transparency in Hong Kong. The website is an effective platform for donors to learn about charity information such as governance and finances. The target goes beyond the members of the Council, covering all sorts of charities in Hong Kong and beyond.


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