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Hong Kong Insitute of Education - Centre for Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education

The Centre for Special Needs and Studies in Inclusive Education (CSNSIE) was established in the Institute in July 2000 during the reorganization of the School of Foundations in Education and when the Department of Special Education was integrated within other departments in the school. The reorganization was based on the belief that, in order to facilitate the move towards inclusive education which is gaining momentum in Hong Kong, teacher education must also become inclusive.

CSNSIE was set up at a time critical to the inclusive move in Hong Kong. With the launch of the two-year pilot project on integration in 1997, Hong Kong is experiencing a rapid uptake in the development of integrated education. The number of schools committed to the development of inclusive schooling increases gradually and significantly. Timely support rendered to schools is crucial as they are preparing for the dynamic changes involved in integrating students.

CSNSIE has worked with schools, teachers, parents and students and has created an impact on changing school cultures and practices. After five years of effort, CSNSIE is now the major provider of school-based teacher education for inclusion in Hong Kong. CSNSIE has delivered training to over 150 schools and 3,000 teachers and school personnel. In 2003, CSNSIE hosted the "Inaugural International Conference on Inclusive Education". Professionals from 26 countries participated forming mutual support groups for furthering the development of inclusive education. CSNSIE has also helped to established the EENET Asia to support the inclusive move in Asia and globally. Recognizing the importance of parents, CSNSIE has extended its services to parents with children studying in inclusive classrooms in Hong Kong. CSNSIE will strive to improve the policies, processes and practices for inclusive education both locally and internationally in its future development.

The founding head of the Centre was Mr. Nick Crawford. Dr. Vivian Heung took the headship from July 2001 to September 2007. Dr. Kenneth Sin is the current Centre Head.

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