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Tung Wah Hospital

The Tung Wah Hospital was founded following the enactment of the "Tung Wah Hospital Incorporation Ordinance" on March 26, 1870. Its main purpose was to provide a public free hospital for the care and treatment of the indigent sick among the Chinese population to be supported by voluntary contributions and governed by a Board of Directors.
In 1971, the "Tung Wah Group of Hospitals" Ordinance was enacted which repealed the earlier ordinance and provided for the constitution, objects and governance of the incorporation. The 1987 revised edit of this ordinance is the most updated version and is currently in force.
The Group has a long standing tradition of providing free medical services to the needy people in the community. When the management of the hospital was transferred to the Hospital Authority (HA) in December 1991, such tradition was preserved through an agreement between TWGHs and HA, and representation of the Tung Wah Board of Directors in the Hospital Governing Committee of TWH.

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