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Asian Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness


The Asian Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness (AFPB) came into existence in February 1981 during the visit of Sir John Wilson, the President of the International Agency for Prevention of Blindness and the Founder Director of the Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind. Sir John conceived and organized global efforts to bring under control diseases which cause blindness among approximately 40 million people in the developing world.

Realising the magnitude of the problem and on the regards of Sir John Wilson, President of the Mr.Karl Ludwig Stumpf, who was the Director of the Hong Kong Society for the Blind at that time, took the initiative of establishing the Asian Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness in September 1981 with its headquarters in Hong Kong, which became a focal point of this movement. In the beginning, its Board members include professionals such as eye surgeons, a company director and an adjudicator. Before Mr Clive Oxley took over the chairmanship in 1985, two directors of the Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation; namely, Mr John Boyer and Mr Roy Munden, had successively been Chairmen of this Foundation.

Aim and objectives

1. To investigate and make known the causes, extent and consequences of blindness and to promote, support and encourage all or any measures designed to prevent, cure, reduce or remedy diseases, conditions and causes which produce blindness.

2. To advance the science, practice and study of ophthalmology, to encourage research and to provide for and assist in the training of all kinds of ophthalmic and multidisciplinary staff.

3. To mobilize and assist in the mobilization of resources including the raising of funds, the acceptance of grants, bequests and gifts of all kind and the stimulation of support of all kinds for action to prevent and cure blindness.

4. To co-operate with other institutions having objects similar to the objects of the Foundation, with governments and with national and international organizations concerned in any way with blindness and its prevention, to provide opportunities and facilities for the coordination and development of such cooperation and to promote and support the establishment maintenance and development of national and regional organizations and committees whose objects are the prevention and cure of blindness.

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