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Society of Boys' Centres Chak Yan Centre School

- As one of the seven social development schools in Hong Kong, the Society of Boys Centres Chak Yan Centre School provides special educational services to students with learning, emotional or behavioral problems.
- The school was founded in September 1974 and is currently offering 270 placements for Primary 3 to Secondary 3 students with special educational needs. Through tailored-made curricula, Personal and Social Education curricula and individual counseling, students learn the art of getting along with others and redevelop appropriate learning attitude.

- We honour everyone’s individuality and dignity, and believe that human being and his environment is interactive and can be modified. In this connection, the school strives her best to provide a harmonious and healthy environment so that the positive aspects of students be nurtured and their unique potential be fulfilled.

- 8 to 18 years old boys.

Primary Section
- (Chinese language, English language, Mathematics, General Studies, Music, Physical Education, Visual arts, Putonghua, Computer Studies and Reading lesson)

Secondary Section
- (Chinese language, English language, Mathematics, Integrated science, Social Studies, Music, Physical Education, Visual arts, Putonghua, Computer Studies, Reading lesson and Design & Technology)
- In order to help students develop their full potential, other than diversified extra curricular activities, the school’s two sections both have curricula focusing on Physical Education & Art activities. Besides, the school also offers short term adjustment programs to those mainstream students who exhibit emotional and behavioural problems to help them improve their learning attitude and behavioural performance. Furthermore, New Senior Secondary Curricula will be provided to students in the coming 2009-2010 school year.

- 315 placements (150 for primary and 165for secondary)

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