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Special Needs

Haven of Hope Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Haven of Hope Vocational Rehabilitation Services provides services ranging from Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Services Centre, Supported Employment Unit, Sunnyway - On the Job Training Programme for Young People with Disabilities and Work Extension Programme.

Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association

Established in 1987, the Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association started off as a self-assistance organization for parents. Its objective was to offer emotional and information support to families with members suffering from Down syndrome.

Hong Kong PHAB Association

Hong Kong PHAB Association, established in 1972, aims to promote the PHAB concept which is to enable persons with or without disabilities of all ages to participate in all kinds of social, recreational, developmental, educational, training, employment and community support service for better coop

Caritas Rehabilitation Service

The Division began with the establishment of Family Service in 1960. Throughout its first decade, it catered to the changing society and rapid economic development.

Society for the Welfare of Autistic Persons

(Chinese ONLY)本會由一群熱心的自閉症兒童家長於1982年所創立,為一政府註冊社團。本會深覺社會人士對自閉症有所誤解,而政府所提供之服務亦非常不足,故希望透過自發性之組織為自閉症人士謀求福利。除了家長外,亦有不少熱心人士主動參與為會員,協助推動會務.本會擁有獨立的會址,使會務更能順利推動。本會之順利發展,實有賴各界人士之支持。

Concord Mutual-Aid Club Alliance

(Chinese ONLY)「康和互助社聯會」以促進精神病康復者的福祉,以及推動助人自助為目標。本會一直全力支持「康和」的發展,委派資深職員協助申請資源,拓展會務、日常運作、職員培訓及推行切合會員需要的活動。現時「康和」有逾400名會員,聯同執行委員會成員及顧問,通過互相分享帶領自助小組所遇到的議題,復元歷程、參與社會議題工作組及自助互助活動,致力鞏固會員間的連繫,促進會員的自助互助。

Dance with Depression Association

(Chinese ONLY) 專為抑鬱症病人開設之定期支援小組。協會由一群資深的精神科醫生、家庭醫生、心理輔導博士、心理輔導員和社工等專業人員所組成,藉著推動支援抑鬱症患者的小組,鼓勵小組成員互相支持、適應生活、投入社群。

The Hong Kong Joint Council of Parents of the Mentally Handicapped

(Chinese ONLY)香港弱智人士家長聯會為一智障人士家長自助組織,於1987年成立及註冊為免稅不牟利社團。八十年代初,智障成人服務嚴重短缺,數以千計的特殊學校畢業生滯留家中,荒廢所學;1986年,一群智障人士家長意識到要向政府反映及爭取,方能尋找子女的出路,於是組織起來,成立家長小組;至1987年正式成立「香港弱智人士家長聯會」,繼續關注智障人士服務及福利發展。1999年,家長聯會註冊成立有限公司,拓展會務。

New Voice Club of Hong Kong Ltd

The goals of the Club are to develop the self-help and mutual help among the laryngectomees so as to help them to regain their normal speech; to fight for a better disability allowance; to launch social services; and to participate in anti-cancer activities.

Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Brigade Dental Dervice for Handicapped    

Volunteer dentists of the Dental Group provide free dental service to handicapped and special needs people.
The Dental Group also conduct some Outreach Programmes that include Dental Health Education and counceling for many local charitable organizations throughout the year.


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