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Special Needs


(Chinese ONLY)「iBakery 愛烘焙麵包工房」 獲社會福利署 「創業展才能」 計劃撥款港幣二百萬元作為業務的起動基金,於2010年7月正式成立,是東華三院屬下專門訓練及聘用殘疾人士之社會企業。iBakery 是一項三合一的烘焙業務,集烘焙工場、烘焙 Cafe 及烘焙教室於一身,為殘疾人士提供多元化的訓練及工作機會的同時,亦供應不同產品滿足顧客。

Chosen Power (People First Hong Kong)

Chosen Power is established in 1995 by a group of young adults with intellectual differences with support from families, teachers and social workers; and thereafter launched their self advocacy and self help movement.

New Voice Club of Hong Kong Ltd

The goals of the Club are to develop the self-help and mutual help among the laryngectomees so as to help them to regain their normal speech; to fight for a better disability allowance; to launch social services; and to participate in anti-cancer activities.

The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council

(Chinese ONLY)鄰舍輔導會成立於一九六八年,是一間非牟利多元化服務機構,本著「那裏有需要我們的服務,就是我們的『鄰舍』」的創會精神,秉承著社會工作專業操守,為本港各階層年齡的居民及「最不能自助」的弱勢社群,提供服務。


Christian Family Service Centre

Christian Family Service Centre (CFSC) was established in 1954 by Miss Muriel Boone, a United Presbyterian missionary, to help Mandarin speaking refugees. Material aid, financial support and guidance in finding jobs were provided to needy families.

Hong Kong Red Cross Margaret Trench School

The School is a Government Aided Special School for the physically handicapped students, founded and sponsored by the Hong Kong Red Cross in 1973.

Hong Kong Stoma Association

To organize regular activities to enhance socialization of members and to organize interests classes to develop potential of members.

Social workers to provide counseling to members who have emotional and psychological difficulties after stoma surgery.

Health Living

(Chinese ONLY)盈康醫療成立於2006年,本公司為醫院管理局註冊供應商,一直致力為客戶提供高效能、新穎的家用式醫療產品及服務。產品暢銷於全港各大醫院及護理安老院。

本公司專營醫療、復康、傷口護理、約束、失禁等用品。 貨品種類繁多,包括電動輪椅、手推輪椅、醫用及家居病床、便椅、浴廁車、枴杖、助行架、充氣床墊及坐墊、手動及電動按摩棒、血壓計、血糖機、體溫計、電熱墊、腰封、護手/腳套等等。

Hong Kong Developmental Paediatrics Centre

Developmental Paediatrics (DP) is an establishing subspecialty in medicine. It specializes in promoting the physical, language, socio-emotional and cognitive development in infancy, childhood and adolescence.

Mass General Hospital Down Syndrome Program

Provide information for Down Syndrome patients


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