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Fu Hong Society

Fu Hong Society is a government-subvented non-profit organization established in Hong Kong in 1977. At the moment, our Society operates over 40 service units offering a comprehensive range of services including workshops, hostels, training centres serving over 3,500 persons with intellectual/physical disabilities, psychiatric disabilities and autism. Our objectives are to develop the potential of persons with disabilities and to enable them to achieve maximum independence and become fully integrated citizens in the community.

Our Society is committed to developing innovative services. Over 30 years in the past, we have pioneered in establishing pilot services for persons with intellectual disabilities, including temporary residential care service, home-based training and support, care and attention home, and extended care service in day centres. To carry forward, our Society has set up the Casa Famiglia which enables persons with intellectual disabilities to enjoy family life; established the first development and support centre for adults with autism – Hin Dip Centre; set up "Best Buddies Hong Kong" Movement which is part of the international movement, originated in the U.S.A., to promote hundreds of one-to-one friendship between persons with and without intellectual disabilities. We also strengthen our community-based support services to assist the families in providing care to persons with disabilities living in the community. As these innovative services do not receive any government subvention, we need the community support to develop these worthwhile projects.

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