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Rhenish Church Grace School

School Mission:
Based on the Christian ideal of education, we provide all students a high quality full education to help them for developing their potential. Therefore, they are integrated and contribute to the society. The students have an abundant life through knowing Jesus and gospels under the Christian learning environment and care from teachers.

School Vision:
To provide students ideal learning environment and facilities;
To provide diversified courses, teach students in accordance with their aptitude, guide them to learn and help them to develop their individual potential;
To help students for developing a healthy self-image and act with self-respect, self-confidence, self-learning and self-discipline;
To broaden students’ horizons through various activities, which enable them to communicate and co-operate well with each other, and bear the responsibility;
The student to build up the physical education and extra-curricular activities, the purpose of balance their physical and mental development;
To care for each student to let them feel the love of God through teachers’ witness;
To arrange various types of Christian the activities to promote our work on gospels; and work closely with schools’ sub-ordinate and church to foster students’ spirit, let them know the God, establish life’s direction, stand in awe of the God and build up correct values;
To teach students to value families and establish harmonious relationships;
To foster the civil awareness of students to become responsible people with a sense of mission; and

Guide all students to appreciate the beauty of creation and the use of colours and sounds, and develop their artistic sentiment for enjoying the joy of life.

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