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Service and Resource for Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Hong Kong

1. Assessment
A-1 Free Assessment Services
The Education Burea(EDB) ( runs two Special Education Services Centres, located in Kowloon Tong and Kwai Chung, offering assessment and support services. The Education Bureau provides school-based/centre-based assessment and support services for children suspected of having SEN such as hearing impairment, speech and language impairments, learning, emotional or behavioural difficulties, etc. (Case referral)

A-2 Department of Health (
Enrolled students will be given annual appointment at a student health service centre to receive services meeting the health needs at various stages of their development. These services include physical examination; screening for health problems related to growth, nutrition, blood pressure, vision, hearing, spine, psychological health and behaviour; individual health counselling and health education. Students found to have health problems will be referred to the special assessment centre or specialist clinics for detailed assessment and follow-up.

B Fee Charging Assessment Services
Some Non-Government Organizations(NGOs) provide fee charging assessment services, eg: Heep Hong Society(, SAHK (, Hong Kong Christian Service (
Some private organizations also provides fee charging assessment services, please refer to (

2. Early intervention, pre-school services and support services
A. Low fee charging services
Some NGOs provide low fee charging assessment services, eg: HeepHong (, SAHK ( etc.
B. Fee charging services
Some private organizations also provides fee charging assessment services, please refer to (

3. Referral and School Placement
After assessment, EDB provides placement service for children with special educational needs accordingly ,i.e Mainstream schools or special schools.
At present, there are 60 Special Schools in Hong Kong:
Category No. of Schools (as at September 2013) / No. of Schools with a Residential Section
School for Children with Visual Impairment 2 / 2
School for Children with Hearing Impairment 2 / 1
School for Children with Physical Disability 7 / 3
School for Social Development* 7 / 6*
School for Children with
Intellectual Disability 41 / 14
Hospital School# 1 / -
Total : 60 / 20+6*

Jockey Club Sarah Roe School is an English Speaking Special School under English Foundation School.

4. Duration of Course in Special Schools
In general, the age of admission of children to a special school is 6 and they are provided with free and universal basic education up to senior secondary education.

5. Special education information and resource
a. School- based Support Service
- A Special Education Support Officer or inspector from Education Bureau is assigned to each public-sector mainstream primary school and secondary school to serve as a resource person to help schools promote the inclusive culture and develop school-based policy for supporting students with special educational needs

b. Resource Schools and Special Schools cum Resource Centres
Primary and Secondary Resource Schools on Whole School Approach and Special Schools cum Resource Centres (SSRC) are established to provide network support for students with special educational needs through teacher empowerment, on-site support and sharing of experience and resources. Some SSRC also offer short-term attachment programmes mainly for mainstream school students with intellectual disability and severe adjustment difficulties on a need basis.

c. Examination arrangement
After assessment, school provides special examination arrangement for children with special educational needs.

d. Consultation service
EDB provides consultation services for child care centers, special schools, mainstream schools, non-government organizations and government departments.
EDB launched early identification and counselling services for students in Hong Kong public primary school. This project is to identify the students with learning or speech difficulty and provide support for them. Also, provides professional suggestion and support for parents and teachers.

e. Parents support
EDB provide consultation services through teachers and social workers.

Some non-government organizations provide fee charging services for parents support, please visit Oneclick ( for the detail.

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