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Hong Kong Seeing Eye Dogs Services

Hong Kong Seeing Eye Dogs Services (HKSEDS) is a non-profit organization aiming at the promotion of professional seeing eye dog services in Hong Kong, including mainly the training and breeding of dogs locally. Qualified seeing eye dogs are provided to suitable visually-impaired individuals, with pairing training and follow-up services free of charge. At the same time, we are also deeply concerned about promoting the protection of seeing eye dogs to prevent abandonment and mistreatment of dogs after matching.

HKSEDS also actively encourages the development of local trainers and instructors. We believe that this is the best way to localize the seeing eye dog service and make it self-sustaining in our community. Through our service, we hope to enhance an atmosphere of social caring, and to nurture the concept of animal protection. Additionally, we would like to empower Hong Kong people to pay more attention to socially vulnerable groups and understand the needs of the physically or mentally impaired communities.

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