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Hong Kong Angelman Syndrome Foundation

Hong Kong Angelman Syndrome Foundation (HKASF) is a non-governmental organization founded by Angel Chloe’s parents, Mr Joson Chan & Ms Joe Ng in June 2015 in Hong Kong and registered as charity organization since Jan 07, 2016. HKASF’s mission is to build a bi-lingual platform to share learnings through education, information exchange and researches; as well as providing support to individuals with Angelman syndrome, their families and people in concern. By organizing series of networking activities, HKASF aims to connect angel families in the region and cater their emotional and practical needs. Their goal is also to gradually raise public awareness and gain more community supports. Acting as the hub for Angelman Syndrome related organizations across the global, they are also committed in collecting cases in the Greater China region for medical research among the Chinese community.

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